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The Oxford Teddy Bear University
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OFFICIAL Oxford Teddy Bear University! ®


All teddy bears welcome, old and new, big or small. 
Give your Teddy Bear a chance to experience University life. 
Complete an enrolment application and join

Based on the historic Broad Street in the world renowned University City of Oxford, UK.

Historic Broad Street, Oxford UK
Scholar Bear at Oxford Teddy Bear University ®
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We are a University that loves all things teddy bear!  
We are offering an exciting opportunity for your very own special teddy bear to enrol in our virtual University - every bear should have a chance of a good education. In return for a year's membership your bear will receive a personalised enrolment certificate to Oxford Teddy Bear University, an exclusive scholar badge and quarterly newsletters, keeping you in touch with the University's calendar, student life, fun facts and activities.  
We encourage you to email us a picture of your bear to display in our gallery, the best images are those photographed next to a local landmark or on holiday to show how far a bear can travel - it's not just Paddington that can travel from deepest darkest Puru!  
This is just the start - we aim to bring you more in the form of an online gaming app as the University grows.